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Welcome back, again.

Started by jhollin1138, August 18, 2004, 03:07:00 AM

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Welcome to the new TodayPlus Forum.  This forum was built from a backup of the old TodayPlus Forum that was hosted previously by Eitel.  The recovery of the forum went smoothly with one exception; the link between all posts and attachments was broken during its recovery.  I believe this was caused by the fact that phpBB (the forum software being used) does not natively support attachments.  This support is given via a software modification.  I do still have a backup copy of all the old attachments, fill free to ask me about any specific attachments you would like recovered.  I will try my best to accommodate all requests, time permitting.

That being said, now it is time for all the important stuff.  While the history of this forum is that of the official TodayPlus Forum, unfortunately TodayPlus can no longer be downloaded from this forum.  Any distribution of the TodayPlus application will immediately be deleted upon its discovery and the poster of it being banned from this forum.  TodayPlus can be found elsewhere on the Internet, just do a search for it, you'll find it.  Even if you found a copy of TodayPlus, all officially released copies have expired.

Also, there is to be no discussion of any hacks to get TodayPlus running beyond its expiration date.  As with the distribution of the TodayPlus application, discussion of any hacks will also result in the poster being banned and the post being removed.

The last important thing that needs to be said is about the use of this forum.  The forum can be used freely by all to discuss help and support of TodayPlus and the distribution of its freely given skins and graphics.  This forum is not to be used to discuss any specific problems with any skin or graphics that are currently being sold.  I am personally paying for the hosting of this forum out of my own pocket and without profit.  The authors of sold skins should use some of their profits to host their own forum to support these skins and graphics.

All of that being said, again welcome to the new TodayPlus Forum.
Jim H


Amendment: As of today, this forum should also not be used for the distribution of skins and graphics that you are selling.  Please take that bandwidth requirement elsewhere.

Clarification: Announcements of skins and graphics for sale, including screen captures of them, is still currently permitted.
Jim H