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Template for a Download area


The first Posting should be one short idea of the Skin (unless it is the orginal)  with a screenshot and a short description

The name of the Thread should be at an orginal translation into another language: Hammerskin Version 1.xx (xyz translation Original Version)

The name of the Thread should be at a translation into another language with user modifications:  Hammerskin  Version 1.xx (xyz translation user modified) [/b]

This way the user can immediately see what is hidden in the Thread


You also can take a look here. Link to PPC-World

Here you should describe what is contained in the Zipfiles

Then you have the possibility of appending up to 20 files

As of here the chat can start for the download


^^^ Simply edit the upper Posting, if there is an update of the Zipfiles^^^

So is ensured for the new user, which he immediately sees the latest downloads


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