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Yahoo Real-time Quote

Started by uk_skinner, November 05, 2004, 12:30:53 AM

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I am working on this small project for a while.  The idea is to use EzDownload to download the ECN real-time quotes from Yahoo and extract the stock information from there.  At this moment, the following information can be extracted:

Last Trade
Trade Time
Today's Change

The information was updated every minutes.  This is just a first step and later I will try to see I can put the data I extracted (csv) format into RSS.  However, I never work with RSS scripts before.  If anyone intersting, please let me know.. The program is not very matured yet, when it is I will share with you.  I hope I can apply the same idea to movie review. :wink:


Nice work uk, srs would be proud.
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