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Decoding cityx.txt.time - format

Started by Broesel, March 24, 2005, 06:35:34 AM

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With the help from nas of the PPC-Welt-forum we are a step further
to decode the format of cityx.txt.time :D

There are two values in that file

The first one seems to be a counter, that is increased every 7 minutes.

Only the first three numbers of the second value seems to be used to
compute the updatetime and are values in seconds. If it goes over 420
the first value is increased by one.

You can test the values for updatetime by changing the numbers in
the cityx.txt.time :

Increasing the first value by 1 lets the updatetime increase by 7 Minutes.

Increasing the first three digits of the second value by 60 increases the updatetime  by 1 minute.

Nas is now trying to get the value for 01.01.2005 00:00 , so maybe one
of the php-and-exe-cracks later can compute the actual download-time for
the weather-dates.

Regards Broesel