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Hammerskin for Wisbar Advance/psShutxp


Here is the Hammerskin for Wisbar Advance and psShutxp (Shutdowntool)

Thanks for Testing to Schotti, Graveworm and SiggloX (German Forum) thc and Lukep (French Forum) and gtot  :wink:

Contained in the Zipfile:

-Readme.txt please Read this

-The Skin for Wisbar Advance
-The Skin for Wisbar Advance 2.xx in QVGA, VGA and RealVGA

-The Skin for psShutXP in QVGA and VGA in German, French and English (Downloadlink and instructions in the Readme.txt)


Very nice, Wichtel !!  :D    Is the new release of Wisbar out yet, or still in beta ??

It's still in beta. Tomorrow (or the next day's) the next beta will be released. :?  But the Skin work's  :D

I have updated the Skin with a French language.ini and a alternativ Traybar without the up arrow

I have Updated the Skin with a new Signalbutton for the Phone edition Users


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