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Started by mathewvp, July 29, 2005, 09:46:30 AM

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This is the worst installation procedure that I have ever seen for a php script.
Supplied SPGM Changed Files      Copy To      Location Relative to "spgm.php"
spgm.php    -->    spgm.php
flavors/default/spgm.thm    -->    flavors/default/spgm.thm
lang/*.*    -->    lang/*.*
Copy spgm.php to spgm.php ?So where should be the actual spgm.php file? Why are you supplying a folder "SPGM Changed Files" and asking the user to make so many changes?Why can't you give the files in the orignial working structure?



Quote from: "mathewvp"This is the worst installation procedure that I have ever seen for a php script.
Really, the worse procedure you have ever seen?  I have seen much worse.  

Quote from: "mathewvp"
Supplied SPGM Changed Files       Copy To       Location Relative to "spgm.php"
spgm.php     -->     spgm.php
flavors/default/spgm.thm     -->     flavors/default/spgm.thm
lang/*.*     -->     lang/*.*
Copy spgm.php to spgm.php? So where should be the actual spgm.php file?
Let me remind you of something.

QuoteWhat is SPGM-Vid?

Before I can answer that, I have to tell you what SPGM is. SPGM is short for "Simple Picture Gallery Manager" and was written by Sylvain Pajot in PHP and is available for free. SPGM is highly customizable through the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and easy to understand configuration files. SPGM generates the picture galleries automatically without the need of a database. Simply point SPGM to the folder on your web space that contains the picture and thumbnails, and it does the rest. The only requirement to run SPGM is PHP version 4 or higher.

So with that out of the way, I can answer the original question. SPGM-Vid adds streaming video support to your existing SPGM picture gallery. SPGM-Vid is just as customizable with its use of the same CSS and configuration files used be SPGM. SPGM-Vid currently can stream videos with "Windows Media Player®", "Apple QuickTime®" and "Real Player®" other video stream types maybe added in the future. Like SPGM, there is no need for a database. You just need to have a supported video type and thumbnail, and you are streaming. Assuming of course that the required video plug-in is installed on your visitor's computer.
Since SPGM-Vid is a Module for SPGM, the installation instructions assume that you already are running SPGM.  Obviously, the "changed" files included are replacements for files that you already have in-place with your working copy of SPGM.

Quote from: "mathewvp"Why are you supplying a folder "SPGM Changed Files" and asking the user to make so many changes?
I'm not!  You need to reread the instructions.
QuoteRequired changes to your SPGM files, additional information:

Depending on your comfort level with editing files, the version of SPGM you are running and whether you are running the default flavor, one of the following three procedures should be done to make the required changes to SPGM.

1)     If you are currently running SPGM v1.4.2, the default flavor and you want to get up and running quick, do the following.


2)     If you feel comfortable making the required changes, here are the changes required.


3)     You might need to do a combination of 1 and 2.
For most installations, copying the prechanged files over your EXISTING SPGM Gallery files is all that is required.

For some people, simply copying the files will not work.  There are some people running SPGM that have them heavily changed to the point were you can barely recognize that it is SPGM they are running.  Here are some samples (these and additional links can be found on SPGM Official's site.
Not to mention the fact that I find it useful when installing a Module to something, to know actually what the changes are to the main files.  I tend to always tweak things to fit my needs, same is true to the copy of SPGM I am running.  I have moved the number of pictures and the gallery link to different lines on my galleries, here is a link to one of my SPGM Galleries.  So in my case, I don't want to just replace my existing files, I would rather make the changes myself.

Quote from: "mathewvp"Why can't you give the files in the orignial working structure?
Simply put, SPGM isn't mine to distribute.

To go further, SPGM-Vid wasn't intended to be standalone, it is a Module for SPGM.  I am not sure if you have ever modded a phpBB forum, but in that case the MODs never include all the files for phpBB, just the files required for the MOD.  Sometimes, the changed files are included too, as in the Attachment MOD for phpBB, but that is not the norm.

Hopefully you find this information helpful.  If you have any additional questions on installing SPGM-Vid, just ask.  I'll try and help you.
Jim H


Sorry for being rude.It was my mistake,the downloaded package did not have any readme files and I didn't go through  the installation procedure given on net carefully.After reading your post I did manage to install it successfully.It was easy to install with your preconfigured files.That will teach me to RTFM before posting.Once again my apologies.

And its a cool script.




I'm glad to hear that you were able to get SPGM-Vid installed and running.

I do need to get a set of "readme" files together one of these days.  I just haven't had to much free time, with the soon arrival of our second child and all.  I have been working on a new bedroom for my first daughter, Emily, and redoing the nursery.

If you need anything else, feel free to ask.
Jim H