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SPGM-vid and Gallery mage together: is it possible ?

Started by fable, October 12, 2005, 12:49:45 PM

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Hi ! First of all compliments for your really useful program !  :lol:
Unfortunately, after having replaced Gallery-mage-modified spgm.php files with yours, captions at the bottom are no longer visible. I know it's not your fault but I'd be happy to have both modules installed . is it possible ? the http address for Spgm-add-on is http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/juk/spgm-1.4.2_GMINI.tar.gz?download
Thank you very much


I'll have to look at this after I get home from work.

I will say the simple solution would be to add the required SPGM-Vid code listed on the Install Page to your "GMINI spgm.php" instead of replacing it with the "spgm.php" file included with SPGM-Vid should do the trick for the Photo Gallery.

As for SPGM-Vid supporting of GMINI, that I'll have to have a look at this evening.
Jim H


I tried to do this but unfortunately never changed. Probably i missed something ;( or some other modified files are involved (spgm-gmini changes also ini.php and index.php file).
thanks a lot for your collaboration !!!  :D