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Need help for .RAM/.RA/.RM/.RV files (RealNetworks)

Started by malek_dz, September 03, 2006, 08:46:16 PM

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Hello everybody,
I just installed SPGM-Vid but my purpose is to stream the video from a streaming server. (I have only real audio and videos files)
So I have to use .RAM files which contains the link to .RA/.RM/.RV files streamed through RTSP.
for example :
videofile.ram points to rtsp://streaming.server.tld/videofile.rm

I know it's a big work, but I would like to have some help to begin:

1) I wish to modify SPGM to play RAM with Real Plugin because it tries to open it with QuickTime plugin.

2) How to deactivate getid3 or how make it find the file on the streaming server.

That's it :)
Thanks, Malek.


Just to let you know I have been thinking about your problem and cannot come up with an easy solution.  I keep coming back to having to write a mod to support what you want to do.
Jim H