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I need more space for the Hammerskin in my screen

Started by Jakob M, September 20, 2006, 04:54:48 AM

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Jakob M

Hello all,

I have recently installed the TodayPlus program and the HammerSkin 1.05.6 on my Qtek 9100 and its awsome.

However I do have a problem with fitting the main page to my screen resulting in a ugly scroll bar to appear.

So I need to get some more space in the screen and I can live without the lower bar which as standard includes an icon for the Comm Manager.

Is it possible to remove this part and if so.....how ?



Look at the post by bm_masri near the bottom, he's written a little program which works with another from vijay555 (which hides the top and bottom bars) so that you only lose the bottom one.

Works on my XDA anyway ;)