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Thumbs in links to Vid Gals from Pic Gals

Started by tompbr, April 09, 2007, 05:15:51 PM

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This has been such a great tool to use.  I love how easy it works. 

In regards to the thumbs for specific video gallaries, I have no issues if I am navigating directly through the video structure and having thumbs work.  However, If I link to a video gallery (from a picture gallery using the vid-gal.txt file) that is not in the root video folder (I am using the default "vid") neither the gallery specific thumb shows up or the generic _thb_vid.jpg thumb shows up.

I included a link and some quick notes to help you find the specific "abnormality" that I speak of.

To find the galleries navigating through the video folder sturcture, from the home page, click "Pics and Vids", Video Gallery, Road Trip Movies. the galleries March 26 2007 and March 30 2007 are the galleries I am referring to.  You will see the thumbs work here.

To Find the galleries by a link from the picture galleries, from the home page, Click Pics and Vids, Road Trips, and then March 26 or March 30 respectively.  Neither gallery specific thumb shows up here like it does for my other vid-gal links.  Additionally the generic thumb does not show up either.

Finally, the question!!  Is this because these galleries are not in the root "vid" folder?  Is there any way for me to correct this?

No, seriously.  I need another.


Hmmmmm, I am not sure.  I'll have to have a look this evening if I have the time (I am at work now).
Jim H


No, seriously.  I need another.