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Started by Abram, June 02, 2008, 03:31:57 PM

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First of all thanks to jhollin, uk, wichtel, and all you guys for keeping this program going. I've been lurking as a guest a few times. :-( I have moved through several devices & software over the years and I still find myself thinking TP was the best not only for the time of its development but also its ease of customistion. On my current device, (HTC Athena, I'll probably change it soon as my contract soon ends) I'm using the HTC Home, SBSH Pocket breeze5.4, ILauncher3 and Pocket Weather2. I'm still amazed that it takes all these 4 together to do what TP was doing on its own.

I still think TP should live forever and hope that someone would have the authority to make it open-source or something, stipulating that it should be forever freeware. Let people get creative with it and give it more life, new life. I'm sure they'll welcome the challenge at xda developers where I now frequent.

And NO, I'm not opening new wounds but thinking that something good should come out of the pain of the old wounds. Also, I still can't program and I even wonder if I can still edit a config txt file (so I'm not personally promoting my agenda). No, that's not quite right! I do have an agenda!  :angel: I'll be the first beta tester on new devices if you ever need someone to.

Best wishes to all,


Special thanks to uk_skinner for all your help, especially with reduced TP skin.