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Integration into existing websites

Started by Gig52, July 08, 2008, 05:43:17 PM

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I am currently using SPGM with the modification to have it integrates into an existing website.

To make SPGM work from within your website, you'll have to edit spgm.php with a text editor and update the following constants (located at the beginning of the file):

    * DIR_GAL must be spgm-xxx/gal (relative path to the gal directory from index.php)
    * DIR_LANG must be spgm-xxx/lang (relative path to the lang directory from index.php)
    * DIR_THEMES must be spgm-xxx/themes (relative path to the themes directory from index.php)

Unfortunately, I am unable to make the same thing with SPGM-Vid. The return link goes back to an invalid entry.
There is mention of index.php? to use the same as SPGM but without any apparent success.

I will investigate further later on, But I was wondering if anyone had the same problem or some solutions.