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Started by uk_skinner, January 21, 2005, 03:40:01 PM

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This package is for the users in United Kingdom.  The radar images are downloaded from BBC.com and there are 7 UK radar image and one Europe image (from weather.com).

Here is the instruction:

1)  Download the whole UniSkin package from the first post at this thread and set it up according to ZapMe1's instruction.  I would suggest you first make sure the original UniSkin works properly on your device especially for the radar image.
2)  Download the Uniskin_UK package at below.
3)  After unzip, you should find 3 folders: My Documents, Skins and Radar2.
4) Copy the files to cooresponding folders in your device.
  \My Documents: radar.txt
  \Skins:UniSkin 1.0.1_UK
  \Radar2: all .jpg and imv files
5) Go to configure and select UniSkin 1.0.1.txt as the skin file.

The default file pathway is \Program Files\TodayPlus.  If you set it up in other folder then you also need to change the pathway in skin, radar.txt and all the .imv files.


Hi uk,
Thanks of the hard work for the UK version. I'm trying to install and all goes well but when loading the radar images I get "Error loading image". I've changed the path in the skin, radar and I'm using the old imv files in the previous version. When I use explorer, the jpgs load well in viewer but the imv files do not. I've re-run the config.imv again and the default image loads ok yet I still get the error with the imv files.

Am I missing something obvious here?  :oops: Please help if you can!Anyway it's friday night & I can't think now. I'm going to bed.



1)  What is your base pathway?

2)  Where did you make change in the skin?

3) Could you upload your skin here?


Hi uk,
Base path is

Must have done something wrong.

The site doesn't like my txt attachment either. I'll try to pm it to you.

Here's the file. I zipped it. :oops:  Again many thanks!


Your skin file looks find to me..

Can you go to the /storage/TodayPlus/Images/Radar2 and tap on any .imv files to see you can get ImageViewer load the image?  If not, then the file pathway of the image in the .imv file probably is not right.  Did you also change the file pathway in .imv file?


Yes that was the problem. The imv files in the  /storage/TodayPlus/Images/Radar2 folder cannot open & comes up with the error. The jpgs open ok.

The path in the imv files is same as above.

Only thing I can think of is not associating the imageviewer with the imv files. Did I need to do that?

Many thanks!


When first time you install the ImageViewer, you need to run "IMVStart.exe" in the folder just once.  After that, you should be able to associate the .imv with ImageViewer.

If you can post a screenshot and upload one .imv (you need to zip it) here, then I can take a look.


Dear uk,
Here are the imv files. Sorry can't post a screenshot. Don't know how! Probably don't have the right soft anyway. :oops:


Ok, these are not imv files I used in the skin.  Did you change the file pathway in 1.imv to 8.imv.  If not, that probably is the reason you get error.

If you open 1.imv in notepad, it should look like:

\Program Files\todayplus\images\radar2\1.jpg

You need to change to:


Do the same things for 2.imv to 8.imv


I'll try that! Thanks! :D


Working perfectly now, thanks uk! And thanks to you srs & all creators of beautiful skins, without you our ppcs will be with microsoft's default today! And jhollins of course!