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Recombinant Skin 0110

Started by ya1950, December 18, 2003, 02:16:39 PM

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bearcatx16 - The bar should be showing the correct information. Check again that you have it configured correctly in the utility. Try playing with the order of the CF and SD card. Hope this helps.



does not work!



What exactly isn't working? From the look of your screen shot it seems that you haven't configured the configuration utility for your location or for the launcher shortcuts. If you are having problems with the storeage cards, brightness control, reset etc - this is probably also because you haven't yet configured today+ for your system.

Please do the following:
1. Please make sure you understand how to use the configuration utility to set up Today+ for your system.
2. Reread the first post in this thread and make sure you are configuring the fifth shortcut group properly.

If this doesn't help let me know and I'll try to help get it working for you.




Glad you got it working  :)



Love the skin!  I've modified some colors, and fixed up some of the images that seemed to have variations of the pink "background" color; these didn't show up as blended, but showed up as dark pink.

What I'm wondering is how to make the "top" region for each section (Main, Weather, News, etc.) as high as the Calendar section.  That way when switching between tabs, the shortcuts and agenda sections don't keep popping up or down.  See screenshots for examples of the differences between the Main tab and Calendar tab.

I think the Weather, News, and Time top regions are all the same height.



This was one of the changes that I was also considering. I'm holding off developing this further pending the future of today+.

If you do decide to make everything the size of the calendar region you will waste a lot of screen space. You might consider making everything except the calendar the same size.

In order to do this you need to search out the regions that you want to change and change the defregion command to make them larger or smaller.

defregion,<region id>,<x>,<y>,<width>,<height>,<max pages>

You probably want to change the height making sure that you don't make it too small and cut off the region.

Then you would use the offset and/or the offsetadd commands to reposition the data in the region you have changed.

You may also need to change the following commands at the beginning of the skin to incorporate any changes that the defregion command makes in the total size of the skin:


This should give you the general direction. Hope it helps.



Thanks!  I had tried playing with the defregion commands, but then got some regions overlapping others.  I'll check out the offsets too.

I don't so much mind about the screen "wastage", as there's at least that amount of space at the bottom of the screen that is empty anyway, even with the Agenda showing its 5 or so appointments.



Yes, you may have to change the commands for the other regions to get this to work. The launch and agenda regions will probably have to be moved somewhat to keep them from overlapping with the others. Good luck  :)



I've got a problem with the weatherupdate on the mainscreen.
The weathericon is not showing up.
On the weather-tab, all icons are showing up except for the one on the far left (the weather icon for today).

Could this have anything to do with the defregion settings?
If so, please provide me the info how to correct this (I'm not familiar with the defregion settings).

Can anyone provide me info how to fix this?

Thanks in advance



Quote from: "mauce"On the weather-tab, all icons are showing up except for the one on the far left (the weather icon for today).
Can anyone provide me info how to fix this?

Hi Mauce, that can have various reasons,

sometimes you don't get a number for the icon to show from the weathersource, so it can't display. You can take a look in the text-file
you got in the Buffer-Folder. There are files for every city you want to display (called city1.txt ... cityx.txt). In the txt-file is a line that looks like this: this,swCIcon="28". If there is a "" you didn't get a number from the weather source (Try to synch again later in this case).

The second reason can be, that there is no weathericon for this number
in your Weather Icon/(folder you use), because there are no icons for
the numbers 45 - 47. In this case try to get a newer icons.zip or try some
other WeatherIcons from http://www.dark-mojo.com/todayplus/viewtopic.php?t=75

Greetings Broesel


I have been asked if I can reattach this skin.  To the best of knowledge this should be the skin and all supporting files.  I am not sure what files are needed and what screen captures apply.
Jim H


Thats what Im looking for  :D THANK YOU for the help! Sorry if it was any trouble.
Some of you have a vast knowledge of computers, I'm only half vast.


Wow. Suprised that someone still wants that one!

I'm attaching the latest file that I have of this skin but I honestly have no idea what is in there. It may be included in the stuff that Jim posted above.

Jim, sorry for all the problems. If this comes up again please let me know. I have my old stuff stored somewhere and it's for sure easier for me to find than for you. I'm not using T+ any more but I still monitoring the forum from time to time, usually via RSS. Regards to everyone.


Thank you for you're files! I didn't have the minimal skin text so it works out well so I can run other today plug-ins as well. The old skins are gone from the forums , but NOT forgotten.
Some of you have a vast knowledge of computers, I'm only half vast.