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Project I'm workin on

Started by Tearstar, May 17, 2006, 06:32:40 PM

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Currently I'm workin on SPGM-Vid skinning (possibly with an admin interface for easy skinning by users.)

If anyone has any requests, advice, features they'd like to see or questions please let me know.



Hmm, that is an interesting idea.   By "skinning" I assume you are referring to an editor to change the "css" files?  Also, will this program allow the editing of the "spgm.conf" file(s)?
Jim H


As far as the css files yes, the spgm I haven't had much looking into it as far as developing around it, but if you are at all familiar with phpBB boards (which since you're using it, I assume you are) I am thinking a admin feature like the boards that will allow the change of css formatting, along with BG images and such. I am still messing with the spgm-vid.lib.php and spgm-vid.php files to see if the layout can easily be adjusted by using  an interface much like phpboards admin interface. So to easily answer both questions "yes" first css, then further delving into layout and design by interface.


It actually should be pretty easy to come up with some type of SPGM Theme editor.  Here is a list of "classes" that might help you (from 'spgm.php' and 'spgm-vid.php')
define('CLASS_TABLE_WRAPPER', 'table-wrapper');
define('CLASS_TABLE_MAIN_TITLE', 'table-main-title');
define('CLASS_TD_SPGM_LINK', 'td-main-title-spgm-link');
define('CLASS_A_SPGM_LINK', 'a-spgm-link');
define('CLASS_TABLE_GALLISTING_GRID', 'table-gallisting-grid');
define('CLASS_TD_GALLISTING_CELL', 'td-gallisting-cell');
define('CLASS_TABLE_GALITEM', 'table-galitem');
define('CLASS_TD_GALITEM_ICON', 'td-galitem-icon');
define('CLASS_TD_GALITEM_TITLE', 'td-galitem-title');
define('CLASS_TD_GALITEM_CAPTION', 'td-galitem-caption');
define('CLASS_TABLE_PICTURE', 'table-picture');
define('CLASS_TD_PICTURE_NAVI', 'td-picture-navi');
define('CLASS_TD_ZOOM_FACTORS', 'td-zoom-factors');
define('ID_PICTURE', 'picture');
define('ID_PICTURE_CAPTION', 'picture-caption');
define('CLASS_BUTTON_ZOOM_FACTORS', 'button-zoom-factors');
define('CLASS_TD_PICTURE_PIC', 'td-picture-pic');
define('ID_PICTURE_NAVI', 'pic-navi');
define('CLASS_TD_PICTURE_FILENAME', 'td-picture-filename');
define('CLASS_TD_PICTURE_CAPTION', 'td-picture-caption');
define('CLASS_TABLE_THUMBNAILS', 'table-thumbnails');
define('CLASS_TD_THUMBNAILS_THUMB', 'td-thumbnails-thumb');
define('CLASS_TD_THUMBNAILS_THUMB_SELECTED', 'td-thumbnails-thumb-selected');
define('CLASS_TD_THUMBNAILS_NAVI', 'td-thumbnails-navi');
define('CLASS_DIV_THUMBNAILS_CAPTION', 'div-thumbnails-caption');
define('CLASS_TABLE_SHADOWS', 'table-shadows');
define('CLASS_TD_SHADOWS_RIGHT', 'td-shadows-right');
define('CLASS_TD_SHADOWS_BOTTOM', 'td-shadows-bottom');
define('CLASS_TD_SHADOWS_BOTTOMRIGHT', 'td-shadows-bottomright');
define('CLASS_TD_SHADOWS_MAIN', 'td-shadows-main');
define('CLASS_TABLE_ORIENTATION', 'table-orientation');
define('CLASS_TD_ORIENTATION_LEFT', 'td-orientation-left');
define('CLASS_TD_ORIENTATION_RIGHT', 'td-orientation-right');
define('CLASS_SPAN_FILTERS', 'span-filters');
define('CLASS_IMG_PICTURE', 'img-picture');
define('CLASS_IMG_THUMBNAIL', 'img-thumbnail');
define('CLASS_IMG_THUMBNAIL_SELECTED', 'img-thumbnail-selected');
define('CLASS_IMG_FOLDER', 'img-folder');
define('CLASS_IMG_GALICON', 'img-galicon');
define('CLASS_IMG_PICTURE_PREV', 'img-picture-prev');
define('CLASS_IMG_PICTURE_NEXT', 'img-picture-next');
define('CLASS_IMG_THMBNAVI_PREV', 'img-thmbnavi-prev');
define('CLASS_IMG_THMBNAVI_NEXT', 'img-thmbnavi-next');
define('CLASS_IMG_NEW', 'img-new');
define('CLASS_DIV_GALHEADER', 'div-galheader');

Also, don't forget the Image Theme file, 'spgm.thm':
# the gallery icon (small size)
$cfg['theme']['gallerySmallIcon'] = 'folder.jpg';

# the gallery icon (thumbnail size)
$cfg['theme']['galleryBigIcon'] = 'folder.jpg';

# the image that highlights new pictures
$cfg['theme']['newItemIcon'] = 'new.jpg';

# previous picture button icon
$cfg['theme']['previousPictureIcon'] = 'page_previous.jpg';

# next picture button icon
$cfg['theme']['nextPictureIcon'] = 'page_next.jpg';

# previous thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['previousPageIcon'] = 'page_previous.jpg';

# disabled previous thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['previousPageIconNot'] = 'page_previous_not.jpg';

# next thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['nextPageIcon'] = 'page_next.jpg';

# disabled next thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['nextPageIconNot'] = 'page_next_not.jpg';

# first thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['firstPageIcon'] = 'page_first.jpg';

# disabled first thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['firstPageIconNot'] = 'page_first_not.jpg';

# last thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['lastPageIcon'] = 'page_last.jpg';

# disabled last thumnail page button icon
$cfg['theme']['lastPageIconNot'] = 'page_last_not.jpg';

# Begin SPGM-Vid Add
# image icon for Media Player
$cfg['theme']['MPVideoImage'] = 'mp.gif';

# image icon for QuickTime
$cfg['theme']['QTVideoImage'] = 'qt.gif';

# image icon for Real Player
$cfg['theme']['RPVideoImage'] = 'rp.gif';

# image icon for Shockwave Player
$cfg['theme']['SWVideoImage'] = 'sw.gif';

# default thumbnail for Media Player Videos
$cfg['theme']['MPVideoTHB'] = 'thb_mp.jpg';

# default thumbnail for QuickTime Videos
$cfg['theme']['QTVideoTHB'] = 'thb_qt.jpg';

# default thumbnail for Real Player Videos
$cfg['theme']['RPVideoTHB'] = 'thb_rp.jpg';

# default thumbnail for Shockwave Player Videos
$cfg['theme']['SWVideoTHB'] = 'thb_sw.jpg';

It should be a good project, good luck!  :approve:
Jim H