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Need help for SPGM and SPGM-Vid integration

Started by LinkingX, October 01, 2006, 01:18:29 PM

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i was able to easily integrate SPGM in to my nuke-evolution website, i must admit it was quick easier than i thought it would be. I need the Vid mod too so i've downloaded it today and was trying to make it work but without success, i need your help please.. i added jhollin1138 on my AIM list today so hopefully i will see you online today.. the errors or problems i am having are too much complicated for me to understand them.

edit: looking for spgm_commentsv2.zip


I am rarely, if ever on AIM anymore so you wont see me online on there.

Please provide a working link.

Also, what is "spgm_commentsv2.zip"?
Jim H


spgm_commentsv2.zip is a mod for adding the possibility for users to add comments on the pictures. Find more info on Simple Picture Gallery Manager Plug-ins / Modules page.

check your pm

edit: i have just noticed you're using Firefox i think there's a problem with Firefox and SPGM on my site, use IE for the moment thanks.